Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Peter Doig

If I had no arms or legs and was deaf and dumb, you could keep me happy by putting me in front of any Peter Doig painting, because I'm sure I would still have my sight. I discovered his work when I was in painting II and it changed the way I painted; I felt that my work reached a new level. I was impressed with how process oriented his work seemed to be and how the subject matter at first seems incidental to his painting style. His subjects were of every day things or of places that one would not notice in real life, for example a wall or a stairwell. However, the unique painting style has the effect of elevating the subjects in his pieces above their normal place in every day life. They seem to transcend the ordinary. His paintings remind me of zen paintings from Japan in this way. They seem so meditative. It's as if he is able to connect so deeply with the creative realm that his paintings make themselves.

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