Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gerhard Richter

Once again, I am fascinated by this artist largely because of his attitude towards art and his way of approaching it. Richter is an artist who seems entirely motivated by self doubt. He will often wipe out entire paintings which he believes to be failures, only to then display the smeared piece anyway. His work ranges broadly in style. He makes extremely detailed and naturalistic still lifes and portraits that look indistinguishable from photographs as well as gigantic, squeegeed abstract works and much more that falls somewhere in between. He has a fascination with the removal of the hand and is fixated on creating work that doesn't show a personal style. His very detailed, photographic paintings have an utterly smooth surface in which finding a single brushstroke, even upon close scrutiny, is almost impossible. He's obviously a total freak and a supreme bad ass.

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