Thursday, February 20, 2014

Amanda Shelsher

Amanda was born in 1971 in Western Australia.  She was first introduced to clay around the age of 10 when her mother began her own career as a professional potter. She traveled extensively for 3 years and landed back in Perth Western Australia, where she lives now with her family and works as a full time sculptural ceramic artists.  Soon after her travels, her focused art theme was flight and travel.  Amanda has since changed her theme to her perception of the miracles of life, domesticity and growth. She states that "My sculptures have always reflected my life and the current journey that I am on." She also mentions that she draws inspiration from her own experiences as a mother and watching her two children grow.  She often works at night, at home in a small work space where she is always surrounded by family, but can focus and gather her thoughts.  She explores the relationships between motherhood and life-cycles by incorporating plants as a part of her work as well.

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