Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ai weiwei's ceramics art work of sunflower seeds!

These porcelain sunflower seeds are from Ai weiwei (one of my favorite artist)'s ceramics art work! 
There sunflower seeds  are from an original set of 100 million individual porcelain seeds, altogether weighing 150 tons. 
Each was painstakingly painted by hand by female artisans in the ancient Chinese city of Jingdezhen, renowned for more than 1,500 years of ceramic making.
 The final porcelain sunflower seed looks from the outside to be remarkably similar to the real thing. These huge work involved 1600 people to work on it!
Before seeing these amazing porcelain sunflower seeds, the theme of ceramics in my mind is really narrow. 
After seeing this large-scale ceramics art work, I learned more about ceramics. Ceramics can make into any things and any size, even a really small size sunflower seed! 
 The video I found below which recalled the whole process of making theses sunflower seeds! Please watch this video! Its really interesting! 

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