Saturday, April 19, 2014

Flip books made of bike parts by Juan Fontanive

Fontanive builds the mechanism that makes the flip book move out of bike parts and clock pieces, then meticulously hand paints and silk screens each panel. The fluttering movement of the pages is well suited to his illustrations of birds and butterflies.

The meticulous process of the machines themselves contrasts in an interesting way with this imagery, life-like animations of flittering butterflies feel precious housed in hard steel crates.

Its impressive that a flip book was turned in to an object of fine art, especially one that holds up in a gallery environment. Although flip books are generally thought of as toys, the metal housing and life-like imagery and mechanization really sets these pieces apart into the realm of fine art.

Whats most interesting about the stills to me is the placement of image, and how each panel even when the machine is off it still creates a beautiful composition.

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