Monday, February 11, 2013

Beth Stichter: Animals Suspended in a Moment of Tension

This piece is by sculpture Beth Stichter. I really enjoy this piece because it shows a great connection between a human and animal form. It shows how natural each form is, making the transformation gradual, simple and clean because of this.

Her other pieces are very heavy, and use animal forms as well. They show a lot of emotion, and the way she sculpts them and creates the little details really help to animate these animals that "are simply suspended in a moment of tension" (Stichter)

These pieces are massive, and according to Juxtapoz magazine, she uses 2,000 or more pounds of clay at a time. She then has to cut the piece she created into smaller sections, and then hollow the sections, and then reassemble them. Also, in order to fit inside the kiln, she has to cut the pieces again, fire them, and then reassemble with glue and epoxies. This whole process amazes me, and the outcome is obviously well worth it. The technicality as well as the emotion that is represented with each piece is fantastic.

Link to see more work:

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