Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Beauties of Spanish Art

I recently studied abroad in Spain this past spring and saw some really amazing Spanish art. I used to love going into small art stores and checking out some of the work that the locals made. I posted some of my own photos below (sorry for the poor picture quality). Many of the ceramic pieces that I saw focused more on the glazing technique or design rather than the form of the piece. As you can see below, all of the pieces I took pictures of have a lot of colorful fun designs. I loved all too many of these ceramic pieces and wanted to buy them all. Sadly I didn't due to the fact that they probably wouldn't have made it home in my suitcase..


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  2. I wish your pictures were a little more crispier so we could look at the colors and patterns better, I wonder how they made the spirals.

  3. I agree! Sadly I didn't have the best camera, so you can not see the pieces very well. But I wondered the same thing myself...The spirals seemed too perfect. I have no idea how they made them..