Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wood Firing

The process of wood firing a kiln is demanding and requires a great deal of time.  Intensive labor is needed for preparing wood, as well as, maintaining and firing the kiln. Many kinds of wood can be used for the kiln but it's usually the softer woods that produce a faster hotter firing, while hardwoods aid in keeping a bed of coals in the firebox. Reaching the necessary temperature for firing is not dependent only on the amount of wood burned.  It is also the timing of each stoke, the size & species of wood, as well as the moisture content, that makes a great fire. A stoke could be as little of time as three minutes it just all depends on the fire itself. Even with good conditions, there is no guarantee that things will come out perfectly.

I found a website that talks about about wood firing kiln and what kind of ash does what to clay bodies at http://www.robertcomptonpottery.com/Method%20of-Wood%20Firing-pottery.htm

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