Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bruce Nauman

Bruce Nauman is a contemporary american artist and while i don't always appreciate his style and often times look at his work and think thats not art, i do appreciate and am inspired by the large range of mediums that Nauman has gone through. He is quite the renaissance man of todays art world. His work includes cast sculptures, video art, photograph, printmaking, painting, and neon lights. About the only thing i haven't seen in his work is jewelry. His cast pieces are the ones i find most fascinating. The picture below is of his fish fountains. He cast around 100 fish in bronze and set them up so that the fountain was coming out of each of there mouths. He is very well know for his use of neon lights. one of which is actually at the Chicago art institute. He uses the lights to portray very stark messages. Lastly are his performance pieces most famous of which might be "fountain" which is depicted below. Fountain is a self portrait based on the original fountain by Duchamp. All in all the sheer quanitity and variation in medium of Nauman's work is dizzying.

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