Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jim's Clay Class Spring 2012

Please Make 2 weekly posts of any artist, any medium.  Please include a brief description of the work and your opinion of it.  Additional photos or links that you find inspiring may also be included.  I'll start.

This is a picture I took, during a studio visit to Jun Kaneko's last semester.  He is a ceramic artist living in Omaha, Nebraska.  These forms are hand (coil) built, high fired, stoneware.  I appreciate the pureness of form, coupled with the additional elements of line and decoration that he uses in his finished work.

The craftsmanship, dedication, and difficulty inherent in making work on this scale.  Observing one of the pieces first hand- is an entirely different experience then looking at a picture online, or in a magazine.  Prior to visiting the studio- I was "familiar" with his work - in that I knew what it looked like.  While visiting his studio I became "familiar" with the experience of his work, in close proximity and was able to see what it "feels" like.

He is in the process of building a new kiln which, if I recall correctly, the roof of the kiln is going to be 19 feet high.  The new heads he is constructing are going to weigh 6,000 lbs. each and take 6 months to dry.

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